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  • No-Drain Pool Purification Services in Bakersfield, CA

    Why hassle with pumping the water from your pool, paying for the refill and then trying to figure out the complicated chemicals needed to re-balance your pool water when Clean Water Solutions can take care of it for you? In less than a day, Clean Water Solutions can filter your water and give you back a clean, fresh pool…while conserving water!

    Make the call to give your swimming pool the proper care it deserves and start enjoying the benefits of Clean Water Solutions now. You’ll be glad you did!

    About Us

    Conserving Water

    Water conservation, less chemical demand and a swimming pool that is cleaner, safer and healthier for your family - all the benefits of maintaining your investment with Clean Water Solutions.

    Conserving Water
    No-Drain Pool

    No-Drain Pool Purification

    Swimming pools need to be periodically drained and refilled as the water changes over time and must be replaced. This wastes a lot of water which is now of great concern during a prolonged drought.

    No-Drain Pool Purification
    Filtration FAQ's

    No-Drain Filtration FAQ's

    Over time, pool water accumulates minerals such as calcium and salt, and even stabilizers in the water, which when too high, will make chlorine ineffective in fighting bacteria.

    No-Drain Filtration FAQ's

    We Provide Services to the Following Counties and Cities in CA:

    • Kern County Ventura, CA
    • Tulare County Santa Paula, CA
    • Santa Barbara County Fillmore, CA
    • San Luis Obispo County
    About Us
    About Us

    Doug Kerber has been in the pool industry business since 1977 servicing and repairing 500+ residential and commercial pools weekly.

    Doug expanded his business in 1985 to pool construction, building high end quality pools and commercial fountains throughout central and southern California. His work also in installing high end Mexican stone fountains and structures shows off his artistic capabilities as well.

    About Us
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